Meriden Choice Implementation Grant Application

Meriden Choice Implementation Grant Application submitted on November 22, 2017 seeks $18 million to fund new Transit-Oriented Development District investments

Congratulations to Rob Cappelletti!

On November 28, 2017, Robert Cappelletti received an award for furthering affordable housing from the Affordable Housing Committee of the CT Bankers Association!

Congratulations To Our Newest Homeowner!

MHA’s FSS Home Buyer Program offers their participants valuable home buyer and credit counseling, to help them meet their goals. MHA helped Marie, who became our 21st homeowner in the Family Self Sufficiency/Homeownership Program in October 2017!

We wish her and her family many happy memories, and much success in her future, as she moves forward.

24 Colony Street Project

Exciting news about a new building in downtown Meriden!


MHA partnered with Westmount Development Group to construct 24 Colony Street, a mixed-use 63-unit development in Downtown Meriden.  This project was the first new development in the City’s newly created Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District and the first collaboration between a local housing authority and the CT DOT with the express purpose of creating housing and parking adjacent to public transit.


“Very exciting time for MHA and the City of Meriden!”

This is a very exciting time for MHA endeavoring to develop new affordable housing throughout the City of Meriden through the use of mixed-financing by creating various public-private partnerships.  Each day, MHA and the City of Meriden take another step toward creating a vibrant, transit-oriented downtown that enhances quality of life for residents of all income levels.  MHA was awarded a $1m HUD Choice Neighborhood Grant in collaboration with the City of Meriden towards Downtown (TOD) Development.