Meriden Housing Authority Resident Services Programming

The Meriden Housing Authority, (MHA) has a twenty year track record of working with residents to identify their educational and vocational needs and secure funding to provide programming to meet those needs. We strive to provide access to programming in order to help our residents meet their educational and vocational and personal goals.

Beat the Street Homework Club – This after school study program run by The Beat the Street Community Center provides Meriden Housing Authority children with help with their homework to enable them do better in school. Volunteers and staff work directly with youth helping them with their daily homework projects and assisting students in their Computer Learning Center. Staff serve in a mentoring capacity to facilitate a work ethic and love of learning that aids kids in transcending poverty and becoming participating, productive members of society.

Beat the Street Explorer Program – The Beat the Street Community center facilitates this program which takes public housing youth on tours of various employment sites to stimulate their interest in future vocations and help them answer the question, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” To find out more about these services, and others proposed for MHA residents in their communities, please call Dave Sunshine, Director of Resident Services at (203) 235-057 Ext. 7500.

Resident Services Office – The Housing Authority of the City of Meriden’s ROSS Service Coordinator works full time to connect the residents of two developments, the 140 unit Family development Mills Memorial Apartments and the 221 unit elderly/disabled development Community Towers, with local human service agencies and other entities. The ROSS SC Program works closely with Public Housing and Section 8 Family Self Sufficiency Programs and local agencies to help those we serve realize their educational and vocational goals and maintain independent living situations. The office is located in the Mills Memorial development at 40 Mill Street, Apartment 1B. Director of Resident Services, David Sunshine can be reached at (203) 235-057 Ext. 7500.

Precision Machining Institute – In a joint venture with Middlesex Community College, the MHA rehabilitated space for the Precision Machining Institute, (PMI) in our Maintenance Facility located at 34 Maynard Rd. in Meriden. The PMI provides a comprehensive training program designed for individuals who want to learn the technical skills needed to enter the field of manufacturing technology. Students learn entry-level skills on basic machine tools including lathes, drill presses, grinders, and milling machines. The program combines classroom experience with actual equipment used in industry today, and internships in manufacturing companies. For information, please call David Sunshine at (203) 235-057 Ext. 7500.

Public Housing Family Self Sufficiency Program – The PH-FSS Program develops local strategies to support our residents in their efforts to become self-sufficient. This programming is facilitated in partnership with HUD, and augmented by public and private financial and programmatic resources. Participants are directed to community programming that enables our public housing residents to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. Comprehensive case management and coordination is provided by the PH-FSS Coordinator Nancy Pica, who encourages, advises, and monitors participant’s progress. PH-FSS students participate in escrow accounts that allow them to build financial assets by saving a portion of their public housing rent in an interest baring account. The objective of this program is to reduce dependency of low-income families on welfare assistance, public housing assistance and other federal, state, and local subsidies. The program links participants to high quality comprehensive support services including education, job training, counseling, and other forms of social service assistance necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. Nancy can be reached at (203) 235-057 Ext. 7503. A thriving Family Self Sufficiency Program is also available to Section 8 residents! For more information, please call Teri Ramos at 203-235-0157, Extension 7109