FSS Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program was designed to assist Section 8 and Public Housing families achieve economic independence.  This HUD initiative refers participating families to services for education, career counseling, money management, job training, and placement services and much more.

How It Works

Success Stories

Home Ownership Program

FSS Program Coordinators

The FSS Program Coordinators will help you define your goals and the steps needed to achieve them, connect you to the services you need and will also offer support, motivation.  To sign up or request more information, details or to attend an orientation session contact one of the following Coordinators:

FSS Staff

Sara Vega 203-235-0157 Ext. 7113 or sara_vega@meriden-ha.com

Nancy Copeland 203-235-0157 Ext. 7109 or ncopeland@meriden-ha.com

Yaritza Vargas, FSS Compliance Assistance – Ext 7127 or yvargas@meriden-ha.com